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Reactive maintenance processes inherently lead to unplanned downtime and lost production, inefficiencies that cost the U.S. economy as much as $2.5 Trillion per year (as estimated by the DoE Industrial Technologies Program). To help companies eliminate these costs and enhance productivity, Oeler Industries, Inc. has teamed up with KCF Technologies in introducing SmartDiagnostics®.


An innovative predictive maintenance system for pumps, motors and other rotating industrial and commercial equipment, SmartDiagnostics® was designed from the outset as an affordable, integrated suite of products that puts predictive maintenance within practical reach of medium and small operations – anyone that demands the best protection and longest life from key machinery. With SmartDiagnostics® you give your machines a voice so they can tell you when they need attention!


SmartDiagnostics® System

At the core of the SmartDiagnostics® solution is the Machine Condition Monitoring System — powerful, easy-to-use software and low-power wireless vibration sensors that enable technicians or engineers to visualize the operating state of equipment in order to predict when to perform maintenance.

The SmartDiagnostics® system depicted below starts with the Vibration Sensor Nodes. These sensors are placed directly on to equipment and are configured to transmit data within minutes to the Primary Receiver Node. Up to 100 Vibration Sensor Nodes can be linked to 1 Primary Receiver Node and up to 5 receivers have been tested with the system, meaning that a single system could manage up to 500 sensors at once. The wireless receivers then relay the sensor information either straight to a computer with Machine Condition Monitoring Software (MCM) via USB or to a Collection Server. Collection Servers are often used in remote locations where it’s not possible to place the Primary Receiver Nodes and the MCM Software computer in the same location. The Collection Server can then pre-process the sensor data and transfer it to the computer either through Wi-Fi, Cellular, or Ethernet.



“SmartDiagnostics® Gives Your Machines A Voice.™”



SmartDiagnostics In The Cloud

SmartDiagnostics® in the Cloud gives you all the benefits of the SmartDiagnostics software without the hassle of installing and operating system software, or performing backups and recovery of the system. Simple and fast, the Cloud offers affordable access using only a browser. No special training required.


ServiceSmartDiagnostics Sentry Service™

Let Oeler Industries Inc. listen to your machines for you by using our SmartDiagnostics Sentry Services. The outsourced monitoring services gives you access to our vibration experts, who will monitor and analyze the sensor information and provide updates on the status of your machines. Whenever there is an issue, we’ll let you know.




Download Sentry Data Sheet Sentry Data Sheet


Download Collection Server Data Sheet Collection Server Data Sheet

Download Primary Receiver Node 1  Data Sheet Primary Receiver Node 1 Data Sheet

Download Primary Receiver Node 2  Data Sheet Primary Receiver Node 2 Data Sheet

Download Software Data Sheet Software Data Sheet


Download Vibration Sensor Node Data Sheet Vibration Sensor Node Data Sheet

Download Thermal Data Sheet Thermal Data Sheet


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