Oeler Industries, Inc.

OELEX Acoustilume Barrier Panels

Oelex Acoustilume is a perforated aluminum panel system, and has been installed for industrial noise control around electric transformers, drill sites, compressor stations, chillers and diesel power generator stations. Panels can span 8 to 10 feet between posts for structure mounting or 12 feet for ground mounting. Panel weight is 3.5 pounds per square foot. Sound absorption is NRC 1.0, measured per ASTM C 423. Standard panel is STC 30 per ASTM E 90. Powder coating provides durable surface and a wide selection of colors. AcoustiLume is suitable for exterior use as a surface mounted sound absorber for existing walls. It may aslo be used for interior applications on walls or ceilings, especially where a durable material, not subject to corrosion is needed, e.g., swimming pools and waste or water treatment facilities.

Oelex Barricrete Acoustical Wall System

AcoustiLume Acoustical Panel System