Oeler Industries, Inc.

Noise Mitigation Services For The Oil and Gas Industries


Since 1997, Oeler Industries, Inc. has been dedicated to solving noise and vibration issues by providing the best acoustical products and services in the industry.

With the increase of oil and gas production in urban areas, environmental impact has become a critical issue. Having to meet local, state, and federal noise related ordinances can make site operations more difficult and costly to perform. Oeler Industries utilizes a site-by-site acoustical analysis to identify, predict, and mitigate noise levels, insuring that gas and oil well operators can meet environmental standards in a productive and cost effective manner.


Hydraulic Fracking Noise Control

Hydraulic Fracturing is a noisy business. We offer several types of temporary acoustic barrier wall systems offering ease of installation and removal.
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Compressor Station Noise Control

Oeler Industries can provide complete turnkey solutions to compressor station noise control.

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Drilling Site Noise Control

Perimeter acoustic wall barriers offer superb noise reduction, blocking drill site related noise from propogating into the surrounding enviroment.

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Midstream Noise Control

Oeler Industries' offers a complete line of noise control products from prefabricated enclosures to acoustical pipe wrapping for existing midstream compressor stations.
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Testing & Consultation Services

Oeler Industries can evaluate and design the appropriate sound control solution to meet your specific environmental noise reduction requirements.

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